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I began creating black and white drawings of wildlife subjects in my teenage years. After spending over twenty years as a police officer working the street, I have now turned my focus toward honoring my profession and especially those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice ... with their lives. My hope is to create prints that officers and their loved ones can enjoy while honoring both those who have died in the line of duty and those who have survived the profession. As my fellow Brothers and Sisters and I know, being a police officer is not just a job for most of us. It is a part of our inner fabric. A passion that most cannot understand. Why would anyone choose to run toward a violent offender when most everyone else is running away?

Those of us with that Warrior Spirit ....

Rose Borisow

Tributes to fallen bring accolades to officer
Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Sentinel
GERMANTOWN – Like Johnny Cash with a badge and a holster, the all-black uniform of Montgomery County Police Department does little to tell the depth of artistry inherent to Officer Rose Borisow.

On Sunday night at the Germantown police station, Borisow received a large black quilt decorated with 400 police department badges from across the country and around the world acknowledging her for the countless hours she’s spent paying tribute to fallen first responders through her art.

Borisow gained recognition over the last two years for crafting hundreds of commemorative paintings featuring police, fire and rescue service members who die in the line of duty… and their fallen active duty dogs too.

Her work is seemingly unlimited in scope when it comes to first responders. [Read more]
Officer Helps Others Heal Through Her Art by Gina Gallucci-White
October 1, 2015

The Gaithersburg Town Courier
When a police officer or firefighter death occurs while in the line of duty anywhere in the United States, Montgomery County Police (MCP) Officer Rose Borisow receives a notification. She will spend hours searching the Internet for pictures of the officer and settings from their home district, as well as department images of their logo and badges. She combines the images to create a print honoring the fallen first responder.

For the past three years, she has sent a personalized print to every family who has lost an officer while on duty, free of charge. [Read more]

As we all know there is no greater sacrifice a police officer or firefighter can make than to unselfishly give one's life. I donate from every sale of my artwork to benefit organizations that support the families left behind, such as COPS or the NLEOM, or to help me send free artwork to the Survivors of the Fallen across the US and Canada. Some animal charities are also supported and will be noted where applicable. Thank you for any help in this endeavor!

To help cover the costs of free artwork I send to Survivors, please click here ... and thank you for your generosity!


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